Excitation of Magnetostrictive Detector
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Excitation of Magnetostrictive Detector

Excitation of a Magnetostriction Detector

An approximate analysis was made of the response of a long slender solenoid wound on a magnetic core, with a series resistance r , a shunt capacitance C, and a shunt damping resistor R, to the sudden cessation of an initial current in the coil. The frequency response of the acoustic signal, induced by magnetostriction when a small external magnet is placed near the solenoid, has been shown to be determined primarily by the electrical parameters of the circuit. However, the shape of the acoustic pulse is also influenced by the length of the magnet. The equations describing a simplified equivalent circuit of the system follow:


I1 and I2, the current in the coil and the shunt resistor respectively are plotted below. I1, the coil current, gives rise to the exciting magnetic field that produces the acoustic pulse generated by magnetostriction from the region on the magnetic core adjacent to the magnet.

The power density spectrum resulting from I1 is shown below.